Contest02-1 Abundance

Time Limit: 1000 ms Memory Limit: 65536 KiB

Problem Description

An abundant number is a positive integer n for which Sigma(n)-2n>0. Where Sigma(n) is defined as the sum of all the divisors of n. And the quantity Sigma(n)-2n is called abundance. Given the range of n, you should find out the maximum abundance value that can be reached. For example, if the range is [10,12], then the only abundant number is 12, and the maximum abundance value is Sigma(12)-2*12=4.


Input may contain several test cases. The first line is a positive integer, T(T<=20), the number of test cases below. Each test case contains two positive integers x,y,(1<=x<=y<=1024), indicating the range of n.


For each test case, output the maximum abundance value that can be reached in the range of n. If there is no abundant number n in the given range, simply output -1.

Sample Input

1 1
10 12
1 1024

Sample Output