Easy Finding

Time Limit: 1000 ms Memory Limit: 65536 KiB

Problem Description

One or more consecutive characters of a string is called substring of string. Now you have got a easy task to find whether a string T is a substring of a given string S ,if yes we also want to know how many times the substring occurred in the string.


The input will consist of a set of pairs of values for T and S. The length of T will be no larger than 100 while the length of S is no larger than 10000.


The output will consist of one line for each line of input .If T doesn’t occur in S, output a line
“Sorry ,I have try my best.” .
If T occurred in S ,you should output the times it occurred with the form as given below.

Sample Input

acmacm   	acmacmacmacm
aaabbb	abababab
aab	aabaabbab
aba	ababababa
love	doyoulovemedoyoulovemelove

Sample Output

Oh,I found 3 substring.
Sorry ,I have try my best.
Oh,I found 2 substring.
Oh,I found 4 substring.
Oh,I found 3 substring.