Annoying problem

Time Limit: 8000 ms Memory Limit: 65536 KiB

Problem Description

Coco has a tree, whose nodes are conveniently labeled by 1,2,…,n, which has n-1 edge,each edge has a weight. An existing set S is initially empty.
Now there are two kinds of operation:

1 x: If the node x is not in the set S, add node x to the set S
2 x: If the node x is in the set S,delete node x from the set S

Now there is a annoying problem: In order to select a set of edges from tree after each operation which makes any two nodes in set S connected. What is the minimum of the sum of the selected edges’ weight ?


one integer number T is described in the first line represents the group number of testcases.( T<=10 ) 
For each test:
The first line has 2 integer number n,q(0<n,q<=100000) describe the number of nodes and the number of operations.
The following n-1 lines each line has 3 integer number u,v,w describe that between node u and node v has an edge weight w.(1<=u,v<=n,1<=w<=100)
The following q lines each line has 2 integer number x,y describe one operation.(x=1 or 2,1<=y<=n)


Each testcase outputs a line of "Case #x:" , x starts from 1.
The next q line represents the answer to each operation.

Sample Input

6 5
1 2 2
1 5 2
5 6 2
2 4 2
2 3 2
1 5
1 3
1 4
1 2
2 5

Sample Output

Case #1:




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