Legion Commander

Time Limit: 1000 ms Memory Limit: 65536 KiB

Problem Description

Welcome to Dota 2! Let’s recommend a fantastic hero to you.

Tresdin the Legion Commander is a melee Strength hero fitting the role of carry. A highly mobile and predatory hero, her skillset and gameplay revolves mainly around successfully killing off targets with her ultimate, Duel. Accomplishing this grants Tresdin permanent bonus damage. Though she is extremely skilled in "fair" one-on-one fights, Tresdin suffers when outnumbered and must choose her engagements carefully. A successful midgame sees her roaming the map collecting kills and becoming a very dangerous carry, whilst in lategame she ideally will no longer rely on Duel to win her fights and simply destroy any enemies that come too close to her. Though potentially an extremely powerful hero, she must be played with premeditation and good decision-making to reach her full potential.


There are four skills of Legion Commander:

1. Overwhelming Odds

Turns the enemies' numbers against them, dealing damage and granting you bonus movement speed per unit or per hero. Deals bonus damage to illusions and summoned units as a percent of their current health.

2. Press the Attack

Removes debuffs and disables from the target friendly unit, and grants bonus attack speed and health regen for a short time.

3. Moment of Courage

When attacked, Legion Commander has a chance to immediately counterattack with bonus lifesteal.

4. Duel

Legion Commander and the target enemy hero are forced to attack each other for a short duration. Neither hero can use items nor abilities. If either hero dies during the duration, the hero winning the Duel gains permanent bonus (exctly 15) damage.


Besides,there are details of Legion Commander’s nature:


Health 200
H. Regen 0.25
Mana 50
M. Regen 0.01
Damage 35
Armor 0
Spell Dmg 0%
Att / Sec 0.58
Movement Speed 320
Turn Rate 0.5
Vision Range 1800/800
Attack Range 150
Projectile Speed Instant
Attack Animation 0.46+0.64
Base Attack Time 1.7
Magic resistance 25%
Collision Size 24
Legs 2


General strategy:
Even though Legion Commander is technically a carry, she needs to also gank early to increase her bonus damage from Duel.
Be sure to take advantage of any ganking opportunities, instead of farming endlessly away from your team.
Legion Commander works best in coordinated teams that can effectively soften and disable a target for her to kill with Duel, and thus snowball as a carry.
During early to mid-game, try targeting the softer casters or supports, like Crystal Maiden and Shadow Shaman. This way, if you were to lose a Duel and they gain the bonus attack damage, it won't affect your team in the late-game as these heroes rely more on their spells than their attacks.
Duel allows her to build a large amount of attack damage, meaning that to amplify her damage, it's most cost-effective to build items that reduce the enemy's armor or increases her attack speed, rather than buying items which add more damage.


There are some heros that Legion Commander are diffcult to beat:


When Alchemist is in Chemical Rage​, he has an insane amount of health regeneration, making it hard to kill him within a single Duel.


Enfeeble​, Nightmare​, and Fiend's Grip​ can prevent Legion Commander from winning a Duel against Bane's teammate, especially when Bane has Blink Dagger.


Shallow Grave​ prevents Legion Commander from killing her opponents within the Duel time frame.


Dragon Knight
Dragon Knight's high natural armor and health regeneration with his Dragon Blood​ passive, making it harder to kill him.
A long stun or attack damage reduction from Breathe Fire​, Dragon Tail​ might save his ally (or himself).


False Promise​ will delay target's death for up to 7 seconds, preventing Legion Commander from winning her Duel and gaining bonus damage.
Fate's Edict​ can be cast on Legion Commander to prevent her from auto attacking for a few seconds, potentially saving Oracle's ally.
Fortune's End​ can be cast on Legion Commander or her allies to purge off the Press the Attack buff and heal.


Omniknight's Purification​ will heal his dueled teammate and deals pure damage to Legion Commander which makes winning Duel much harder.
Omniknight's ultimate Guardian Angel​ completely fools a Duel and when upgraded with Aghanim's Scepter, Omniknight can save his teammates anywhere on the map against a Duel.


Phantom Assassin
Phantom Assassin's Blur​ and Coup de Grace​ are useful for winning/surviving Duels if Legion Commander has no Monkey King Bar or Silver Edge.
Blade Mail can supply Legion with extra damage, making Coup de Grace​ bad news for both duelists.
Moment of Courage can miss on evasion.


Vengeful Spirit
Vengeful Spirit's Wave of Terror​ can reduce Legion Commander's armor, decreasing her survivability during a Duel.
Vengeful Spirit can stun Legion Commander with Magic Missile​ during a Duel.
Vengeful Spirit's Nether Swap​, can disrupt the Duel.


Winter Wyvern
Winter Wyvern's Cold Embrace​ can prevent her ally from dying during Duel.
Winter's Curse​ can make Legion Commander's team attack Legion Commander instead of Winter Wyvern's ally.


Enrage​ instant cast time and can easily launch it whenever he sees a threatening Legion Commander right in front of him, making him almost immune to any damage while being dueled.


Now Legion Commander think she is more aggressive (which means a bigger number of damages) than Drow Ranger, you are told the duels that Legion Commander had made (include the result), and the Drow Ranger’s damage, please tell Legion Commander if she is more aggressive.


The first line contain a interger t (1 <= t <= 100), which means the number of case.

The first line of every case contain a interger n (1 < n <= 1000), m (1 < m < 50) which means the damage of Drow Ranger, and the number of duels that Legion Commander had made.

Follow m line of each case contain a string (no white space, the length is smaller than 15, and not include Drow Ranger) represent the name of opponent in the duel, and number x means the result of the duel, 1 means Legion Commander won, 0 means she losed.


If Legion Commander is more aggressive (include equivalent), print “So powerful a carry you are!”, if not, print "sorry, you are not strong enough” (without quotes).

Sample Input

100 2
Ursa 1
Beastmaster 0

Sample Output

sorry, you are not strong enough



【SDUT Round #3 - 2017 愚人节专场】by Johsnows