ldq's Sons

Time Limit: 1000 ms Memory Limit: 65536 KiB

Problem Description

Xuanhuang: Wow, three cute boys. Are they all your sons, ldq?

ldq: Yes.

Xuanhuang: How old are your three sons?

ldq: Just telling you is lack of fun, let me try your IQ.

Xuanhuang: Piece of cake, come on~

ldq: The product of their age equals to 36.

Xuanhuang: Anything else?

ldq: The sum of their age equals to how many bottles of beer we have drunk.

Xuanhuang: Emmm...well, but I still can't make it for sure. Any other clue?

ldq: Have you seen my eldest son?

Xuanhuang: Yes. A very clever boy. Another two will grow up just like him, I think. But why is he wearing a green hat... Oh, I see! How could I not realize it? Now I clearly know the age of your sons!


Now you tell me, what is the age of ldq's sons?


No input.


There are three lines of output. Please refer to the example output and the hint. 

Sample Input


Sample Output

ldq's eldest son is 20.
ldq's second son is 19.
ldq's little son is 18.


Example output is a wrong answer, you should change it into the correct one. Each age is a positive integer.